Pend Oreille Basin Heritage

Located near the northeast corner of Washington and the northern edge of Idaho, the Pend Oreille Basin was occupied by 11,000 years ago. The Kalispel people are the ancestral natives to the region. It is said that the name ‘Pend Oreille’ (pronounced like ‘Pond Oh-Ray’) comes from the French- Canadian description of the long ear pendants worn by the area’s first inhabitants.

European Exploration began in the early 1800s. And, shortly thereafter, settlers moved in to mine and log the natural resources in the area. Railroads, steamboats, and homesteads soon became common features of the basin.

This website is dedicated to the rich cultural and natural heritage of the Pend Oreille Basin.
It offers a portal for exploring the history of the land, people, and sites of the region.