Pend Oreille Basin’s natural and cultural history

This website was developed specifically to tell the story of the Pend Oreille Basin’s natural and cultural history and to help guide those interested in visiting the area.

These are a few ways for you to utilize this site powered by NextExitHistory™

Getting Started

Getting Started

You can get a good overview of the Pend Oreille Basin by clicking on one of the thematic tabs located just above the map on the site’s homepage.

These pages will provide you with background information about each of the topics.
Home Page Map

Home Page Map

Once you have learned a little about the area in general you can dive into exploring the numerous sites located throughout the region.

The Home Page map is a great place to start exploring the rich history of the Pend Oreille Basin. Simply click on any of the icons on the map to view details regarding the natural or cultural history sites at that location.


The “Backpacks” button at the top of each screen is the primary portal to all of the information about sites within the Pend Oreille Basin. From this page you can do two things;

First, you can find information on individual sites via the convenient search feature or by filtering all of the sites by category.

Second, you can access our unique “Backpacks” feature. Think of “Backpacks” as thematic tours of related sites in the region. There are a number of “Backpacks” to choose from and the most exciting feature is that you can take them with you!
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If you are worried about being able to access the information while touring the basin we have you covered. Once you download the app you can simply save any of the Pend Oreille Basin’s “Backpacks” to your device to ensure that you can access the content even if you do not have a cell phone signal.

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